Three shell game scam

three shell game scam

Three shell game scam its quite common in Spain, you can find easily this “trileros” on “Las Ramblas, Barcelona”, walkthrough near Benidorm beach or many streets of Madrid. Also common in London, some other European countries and USA always near by touristic streets.

three shell game scam in Spain

What does this scam consist of?

Usually there are one or two guys are playing a game somewhere crowd of people.

One of the guys put three containers(usually cups, nuts or shells) facing-down on the ground or table. One small ball is places is placed in one container and he start to move shuffling the position of the containers. Another player(accomplice) its invited to play and easily he win the double that he bet. When the people see that its quite easy to win they bet also but in the game, during the shuffling the skilled scammer hide the ball. When the victim open the container the ball is not there and he loose the money that he bet.
Sometimes they use cards for this game so be careful.

What to do if i see Three shell game scam?

If you see the Three shell game scam on the street don’t say anything, just go to somewhere hidden and call the police. They can behave violent if you try to spoil the game.

A brief history of this game

This is a very old game that date back to Ancient Greece. Some old paintings show this game, for example this one its called “The Conjurer” was painted by Hieronymus Bosch and show some christians playing this game.

shell game Hieronymus Bosch


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