Taximeter scam in Thailand


To travel around Thailand there are many options. Trains, vans and airplanes are best option to do long distance travels. For the short distance the best option is to pick taxi, Skytrain (BTS) or subway (MRT). The problem is that BTS and MRT don’t cover all areas in the city of Bangkok. That’s why many tourists prefer taxi, here we gonna explain how taximeter scam works.
Taxi flagfall rate is about 35Baths (about 0.85$). Flagfall includes next 2km, after that each kilometers cost 5Baths.
On traffic jams you pay a surcharge of 1,25 Bats every meter, so the cheapest moment of the day to pick a taxi is at night that there is not traffic jams.

taximeter bangkok

How taximeter scam works?

Usually taxi drivers wait for the customers in touristic places. Hua Lamphong train station, MBK Shopping Mall, Real Palace surroundings or Aranyaprathet border with Cambodia are just a few examples. There are full of tourists looking for a taxi or Tuk-Tuk and usually they don’t haggle with the drivers.

According to the current law, taxi driver must switch on taximeter once the ride had started the ride otherwise they can have problems with authorities. Although actually most part of taxi driver does but, some of them show a cart with fixed prices for all rides. If you agree with this price you will pay around 30-50% more for the trip.

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What to do if they don’t agree to switch on taximeter?

Official taxis they should have the driver license in the glass of taxi cab. There is written the phone number of the passenger protection assistance.
If the taxi driver don’t agree to put taximeter on, threat him/her to call to this number or just leave and pick another taxi.

thailand taxi driver license

Tips to pick a taxi offline gps app

  • Touristic and crowd of tourists are not the best places to pick a taxi. Picking the taxi from a non-touristic street you can save around 30% of the costs.
  • Download application on your phone. With this application you can download offline maps with turn by turn navigation and you can track the rides to don’t let them scam you.


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