Patpong pingpong show scam

patpong pingpong show scam

Thailand has become known as a sex tourism destination. In July of 2016 Thai government wanted to abolish sex industry in Thailand.
Ping pong shows, relaxing massages with happy ending and nightclubs get huge profits of this kind of sexual tourists.
Drunk tourist are targeted by fraudster who do scams like Patpong pingpong show scam.

patpong pingpong show scam

What Patpong Pingpong show scam consists of?

Walking through to Patpong street market is easy to face with guys offering ping pong show spectacles for 100 Bath per drink and no overcharged. Patpong pingpong show scam consist of a girl throwing a pingpong ball from her vagina.
They also offer another services like massage and spa with happy ending and even complete services.

After the show, when the tourist wants to leave the place and ask for the bill they get a big surprise. The staff charge about 300 Baths for the 100 Baths drinks, about 6000 Baths for the spectacle and about 1500 Baths for the lady drinks.

What to do in this situation?

First of all don’t visit any of this spectacles, usually all of them are scams. Just say no thank’s to the guy who offer you this kind of shows.
If is too late and you had falled already in this scam; try to negotiate the price with the owner. Don’t be rude the owner of this places are from mafia and security guards can be violent. If you’re in troubles, call tourist police (1155).

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