Original Cohiba seller on the streets

original cohiba seller

cuban cigars

While you walk through Havana street it’s quite easy to find people offering you famous brand cigar boxes. Don’t buy cigars on the street is one of the most common scams in Cuba. Usually, they buy on streets for 1 peso Cubano (0.05$) and they put the original sticker and boxes.

Usually, they invent that they know a friend who works in Cohiba factory and he picks and sells later so much cheaper. Some other scammers say that they have a cigar cooperative and they have really good prices.

Sometimes these cigars are contaminated with pesticide, infected of bugs or mold being really dangerous for your health

How to avoid fake cigars scam?

fake cuban cigars

It’s easy! Just don’t buy cigars on street or someone house. It doesn’t matter what they say or how good look the cigars, don’t buy.

If you want original cigars to go to the official shop.

How to spot fake Cohiba cigars?

For a non-expert in cigars, it will be difficult to differentiate a real than a fake but there are two things that you should check without being an expert:

-Veins should be fine or the cigar should be without it
-The band size should be 15mm wide

You can find more information about how to spot a counterfeit Cohiba cigar in this article.

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