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Koh Tao ‘death island’: 7 tourist killed


Koh Tao or “turtle island” is a small island in Koh Samui archipelago, Thailand. Awesome white sand beaches, crystal clear water and green jungle attracts thousands of backpackers every year.
Is one of the cheapest places in all the world to do scuba diving. With more than 50 diving schools in 21km² Koh tao is seen as a heaven for backpackers who likes scuba diving.
But, not everything is good on this island. In the last 4 years, seven tourist died here:

Elise Dallemange

Elise Dallemange koh tao death island 7 tourist killed
Elise Dallemange
Sathya Sai Baba cult movement
Sathya Sai Baba cult movement
komodo dragon
Komodo dragon

Elise Dallemange is a 30 years old Belgium backpacker who start to travel around Asia two years ago.
Elise was part of the sect of the Sathya Sai Baba and lived with Raaman Andreasthe spiritual mentor of the Koh Phangan sect. She left the self-proclaimed guru on 17 April because she wanted to go back to Belgium to earn some money and later come back
On April 19 she arrived to Koh Tao by ferry but she left the luggage there.
Elise checkin in Triple B Bungalows but unexplained fire burned some bamboo huts including the one that she had been stayed in. Then Elise booked in Poseidon Resort where she booked the ticket for the flights from Bangkok to Belgium on 24, April.
On 27, April locals found Elise’s body half-eaten by lizards.
Police told Michele van Egten (Elise’s mother) that she committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree but Michele don’t believe the police account of events.


Valentina Novozhyonova

Valentina Novozhyonova, 23, from Russia went to Koh Tao to undertake diving courses. She dissappeared between 11 and 16 of February.
When staff of hotel checked Valentina room they found the mobile phone, camera and passport.

Valentina Novozhyonova
Valentina Novozhyonova

Luke Miller

luke miller

Luke Miller, 26, from the Isle of Wight, travelled to Thailand on 22 Dec. 2016 to spend Christmas there.
He was found dead on January 8 2016, dead in the pool of Sunset Bar (Sairee beach)
The police said that he drowned and that he was found in the morning about 7:00, but the staff of the hotel who search the pool for lost things after parties didn’t find Miller when they searching for los belongings at 5:30.
CCTV footage at bar showed he was there till early hours of the morning.
Police investigator on Koh Tao who handled the case told to the BBC that they weren’t looking into the case because there was no signals that was a murder and because the autopsy showed that the cause of dead.
Thai police have been accused by Miller family for not investigating the murder of Luke.
Nicola Gissing, the friend who was also having holiday with Luke, said that her friend’s death was not by accident.

Dimitri Povse

Hands tied behind his back
Hands tied behind his back

Domitri Povse, 29, from French was found hanged in a bungalow on New Year’s day of 2015. Dimitri’s death was ruled as suicide, despite both of his hands being tied behind his back.
Several pieces of rope used in the suspected suicide that were found in Dimitri’s neck were from different ropes which might suggest that the death was not caused by suicide.




Christina Annesley

Christina Annesley
Christina Annesley

Christina Annesley, 23, from Orpington in London was found dead during her backpack travel. Apparently she mixed the antibiotics that she was taking for a chest infection with alcohol in her flat on 21, January of 2014.
CCTV footage showed a man leaving Christina flat hours before she was found. He had not been questioned by police.
Christina’s dad said a toxicology report was not carried out.

Hannah Witheridge and David Miller

David Miller,24 from Jersey and Hannah Witheridge, a year younger, from Hemsby, stayed in adjoining rooms of Ocean View Bungalows with different group of friends and by chance they met each other.


hanna and miller 2 hous before
Hanna and David 2 hours before the death

After a few hours on 15, September of 2014 they were attacked by a someone and they have been killed. Both of them suffered head wounds and Hannah was raped.
Parents of murdered Hannah pleaded with her not go to Thailand because they were afraid about the safety of the country.
On December, two Burmese migrant workers were sentenced to death for the murder of the backpackers.

Burmese migrants sentenced

Nick Pearson

Nick Pearson
Nick Pearson

Nick Pearson, 25 from Grand Britain went with his parents and brothers to Thailand for Holidays.
His body was found on News Year day of 2014, in the water nearby were Hannah and David Miller were found death few weeks ago.
Police said that Nick Pearson falled from 50ft but Nick parents believe that his death was a murder that was covered up to protect tourism.
When the family went to identify Nick, they noticed that his head was gashed that why they don’t trust police version of the death.


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