Gypsy woman with rosemary scam

gypsy woman with rosemary

The gypsy woman with rosemary scam its easy to find if you are traveling around Spain. They stay usually on touristic places like for example “El parque del Retiro” in Madrid, “La Alhambra” in Granada and other places.


What does this scam consist of?

Old Gypsy woman approach you with a rosemary plant and he try to put this rosemary in your hand later they release. Once you have the rosemary in your hand she ask for something. If you refuse to pay her or you try to give her back she will start to shout your on the middle of the street or sometimes they can also beat you.

Sometimes instead of rosemary they use corn to feed the pigeons, be careful anyway.

What to do if i see the gypsy woman with rosemary scam?

Try to skip them, don’t talk with them and the most important, don’t put your hand to pick.
Sometimes its not easy to avoid because when you see the rosemary falling your reflex action its to pick but it’s exactly what they want you to do.
The police can’t do so much because they are just giving for free this rosemary and asking for a tip, but if they become violent don’t hesitate to call the police for help.

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