Football pickpocket scam

football pickpocket

Some people say that not all the people can be a pickpocket, that it’s like art, you should be born with it. They always try to invent new tricks and methods to rob your money and valuable things. As smarter and creative they are, more chance to be succed in this kind of robbery. Football pickpocket it’s just one more technique that they use to steal your stuff without you to know that they did.

football pickpocket Scams in Spain

What does this football pickpocket scam consist of?

In this scam, someone comes to you and ask if you know the football technique of Ronaldiño (Or another football player) While he is showing you how to do this trick he takes out your wallet or phone from your pocket. Later they just leave the place.

The most important for them in this pickpocket trick its to be in contact with your body every time because like that when they take out your stuff you cannot feel it.

How to avoid football pickpockets?

Just say than you don’t like football and don’t let them get close.

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