Fake cambodia border visa scam

fake cambodia border visa scam

Thousands of tourists decide to cross the border between Thailand and Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat ruins in Siam reap every day. Many of them fall into fake cambodia border visa scam trap. In this article we gonna show you how to skip this scam and save money.
The easy way it to cross through Aranyaprathet but you cannot cross with taxi. So you will have to pick two taxis, one from Bangkok to the border that will cost you about 2.000-3000 Baths ($60-70 USD approx.) and another one from Poiper to Siam Rea that cost from 35 to 55$.
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How Cambodia visa scam works?

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After a few hours in a taxi, you will arrive to Aranyaprathet the closest city nearby Cambodia border. The taxi driver stop in the entrance of what seems Cambodia border.

One kind worker of “the border” comes to help you and prepare your visa.

Inside of the building some tables are visible with papers and the flags of Thailand and Cambodia.

Be careful, this is not the real border. Is just a company trying to scam you selling you a overpriced visa and of course, the taxi driver will get comission.

How to avoid fake Cambodia border visa scam?

When you reach the main street close to the border, ask to the taxi driver to drop you there. If anyway he stops in the fake border, just turn arround and go to the till the end of main street.

You will reach the embassy ant then you pass the passport control. After you pass the border, there is one small house, there you can pay the 25$ to get the visa. The corrupt policemans who work there will cash you about 200 baths extra for the visa but, better to pay than to have problems with Cambodia police.
The good point is that you save about 25$ skipping the fake cambodia border visa scam.

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