Cuban jinetero friends

cuban jinetero friends

Cuban people is in general kind and used to treat well to the tourist. You can sit with them to talk for a long time because they are not in hurry.
They use to share all that they have even if they don’t have so much.
So if you go to Cuba you must socialize with locals. It’s a new experience for us to see the life from a local cuban. They don’t need so much to enjoy, just sitting somewhere and watching the people walking around is enough. But … sometimes you can face with cuban jinetero friends and get scammed.

cuba jineteros

What is “jinetero” and what they want from me?

Jinetero its Cuban word to define who want’s to get money from the tourists; Most part of scams in Cuba are made by them.
The police is trying to control it. Nowadays some local people is sent to prison just because the police catch them walking with tourists.

How to get rid of jineteros?


It’s really difficult to distinguish who wants to be your friend than who want’s to take advantage of you.

Jineteros knows a lot of tricks, this is one of them:

Someone meet you on the street and after talk he want to invite you to a celebration(wedding, aniverary …) but… the only condition its than you must go with real cohiba and of course he can buy it for you …

If that happens, just say that you are not interested and go away.

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