Closed Thailand temple scam

Closed thailand temple scam

In Thailand, formerly Siam, there are than 33.902 active wats or temples. Everyday thousands of tourists gets mixed up with the locals who go to pray to this wats and is not so common to see a closed Thailand temple.

bangkok temple

What does this Closed Thailand temple scam consist of?

On the surroundings of the temple, one good citizen tell you that the temple is closed today. So pitty! you wanted so much to visit this temple but … What a coincidence! Today its closed.
Coincidentally the good samaritan is a tourist guide and offers you to go to another temple that is in the other part of the city.

Don’t let him to scam you! Probably he is tourist guide or tuk-tuk driver and want to earn some money giving you a ride to another temple. Just get rid of him and go to the temple because for sure its open.

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