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Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

This is the story of Christopher McCandless a backpacker who traveled across North American and hitchhiked to Alaska in 90s after graduating from College.
This story is not about scams but i think is really interesting for travelers and will help other backpackers to don’t do the same mistakes.

Before to read this post i recommend you to watch the film based in this story because otherwise i will spoil the end of the film. Is called “Into the wild”.

Christopher McCandless travel

Jan and bob
Jan and Bob

Chris split up his family and donated his savings (24.000$) to OXFAM (charity), before he started the travel.
chris McCandlessIt was July of 1990 when Chris drove to the West with his Datsun, but a sudden flood spoiled the motor. He decide to left the car abandoned with some of his belongings and continue by walk.
At this point of the travel he started to write a diary about his trip.
Christ started to work in a farm of man called Ernie, but he didn’t pay the workers so Chris decided to stole Ernie bicycle and continue the travel.
chris McCandless mapIn Northern California at the end of summer he met with Jan, a vagabond who lost her son because the son left them like Chris.
After arrive to South Dakota he met with Wayne. Wayne gave Chris a work his grain elevator in Carthage and they become close friends.
After a few time Wayne got arrested by the police and Chris continued his travel to Mexico.

chris and wayne
Chris and Wayne

He tried to reach Gulf Coast in a cheap kayak but finally he desisted and came back to America.
Chris arrived to Arizona on May, 1991. There Chris met again with Jan and spend time with her and Bob, Jan’s boyfriend at an abandoned navy air base.
On the way to Alaska Chris met Franz, an old men without relatives who treated Chris like a grandson. He taught him some leather craftsmanship techniques.

The magic bus

chris magicbusIt was May, 1992 when After cross Teklanika River he found a old bus, he called “Magic bus”.
He survived during next months hunting squirrels and other fauna.
Chris was eating wild potatoes, but in July, the root started to be bitter and he decided to start to eat the seeds.
This seeds contain an alkaloid to protect themselves from predators and caused starvation to Chris.
Alex was too weak to go hunt and in the last days he wrote some goodbye notes. After that he died.
After 19 days some hunters found him by accident.

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