Promises, promises: Tourists high and dry in Siam Reap Rip

siam reap scam

I think it’s about time to expose this little scam for what it’s worth. In early April my friend and I were in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where we booked a large, comfortable Airbnb room with a stone tub and small balcony at Bella Mia Villa on Sak Son Road. The host, Maude, advertised in the Airbnb notice that she could arrange tours with trusted tuk-tuk drivers that would alleviate any of her guests’ concerns about scams. The same notice was emphasized in the impressive amount of printed information that was provided to guests in the room. Soon after our arrival, we received a friendly email from Maude inviting us up to the rooftop dining area for breakfast the following morning where she offered us each a fruit smoothie and a discussion about tours and activities we might want to book in Siem Reap. We met Maude the next morning, enjoyed…


Police corruption on south african roads

Police corruption in south africa roads

On the second day of our three week road trip in South Africa, we decided to travel to Kruger via the Panorama Route which is in the greater Kruger area. It is a quiet area as we travelled between God’s Window and the Bourke’s Luck Potholes, when suddenly we see a man in uniform jump out onto the road with a handmade cardboard sign saying ‘Stop’. My first reaction is that we are getting car jacked, but my calm husband stops as there really isn’t option other than to run the man over. Amongst my initial panic I also notice a ‘proper’ police car parked in the bushes on the side of the road so I am thinking it probably isn’t going to unfold as badly as I’m expecting. The officer walks up to the driver side and says to my husband “why are you going so fast suh?” “I…

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Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

This is the story of Christopher McCandless a backpacker who traveled across North American and hitchhiked to Alaska in 90s after graduating from College. This story is not about scams but i think is really interesting for travelers and will help other backpackers to don’t do the same mistakes. Before to read this post i recommend you to watch the film based in this story because otherwise i will spoil the end of the film. Is called “Into the wild”. Christopher McCandless travel Chris split up his family and donated his savings (24.000$) to OXFAM (charity), before he started the travel. It was July of 1990 when Chris drove to the West with his Datsun, but a sudden flood spoiled the motor. He decide to left the car abandoned with some of his belongings and continue by walk. At this point of the travel he started to write a diary…

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Koh Tao ‘death island’: 7 tourist killed


Koh Tao or “turtle island” is a small island in Koh Samui archipelago, Thailand. Awesome white sand beaches, crystal clear water and green jungle attracts thousands of backpackers every year. Is one of the cheapest places in all the world to do scuba diving. With more than 50 diving schools in 21km² Koh tao is seen as a heaven for backpackers who likes scuba diving. But, not everything is good on this island. In the last 4 years, seven tourist died here: Elise Dallemange Elise Dallemange is a 30 years old Belgium backpacker who start to travel around Asia two years ago. Elise was part of the sect of the Sathya Sai Baba and lived with Raaman Andreasthe spiritual mentor of the Koh Phangan sect. She left the self-proclaimed guru on 17 April because she wanted to go back to Belgium to earn some money and later come back On…

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Cannibalism: german couple in french polynesia

cannibalism german couple on french polynesia

Stefan Ramin, 40 years old and  Helke Dorsch, 37 years old are a German couple who started a world trip by boat in 2008. On 30 of August of 2011 they arrive to Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Island of French Polinesia with them catamaran. They planned to stay in Marquesas islands for six weeks. Second day they sailed to Hakatea a bay of Nuku Hiva island. When they arrive they dropped the anchor and went throught a trail at the end of the beach. Fiveteen minuts later they found Hakaui, a small village or settlement with some colorfull houses. In this settlement they met a 31-year-old man who introduced himself as Arihano Haiti. Next day they saw again Arihano on the village. Stefan ask Arihano to take him on a goat hunt what is traditional of the island. Stefan asks Arihano if he can take his gun but Arihano said that…