Taximeter scam in Thailand


To travel around Thailand there are many options. Trains, vans and airplanes are best option to do long distance travels. For the short distance the best option is to pick taxi, Skytrain (BTS) or subway (MRT). The problem is that BTS and MRT don’t cover all areas in the city of Bangkok. That’s why many tourists prefer taxi, here we gonna explain how taximeter scam works. Taxi flagfall rate is about 35Baths (about 0.85$). Flagfall includes next 2km, after that each kilometers cost 5Baths. On traffic jams you pay a surcharge of 1,25 Bats every meter, so the cheapest moment of the day to pick a taxi is at night that there is not traffic jams. How taximeter scam works? Usually taxi drivers wait for the customers in touristic places. Hua Lamphong train station, MBK Shopping Mall, Real Palace surroundings or Aranyaprathet border with Cambodia are just a few examples….


Closed Thailand temple scam

Closed thailand temple scam

In Thailand, formerly Siam, there are than 33.902 active wats or temples. Everyday thousands of tourists gets mixed up with the locals who go to pray to this wats and is not so common to see a closed Thailand temple. What does this Closed Thailand temple scam consist of? On the surroundings of the temple, one good citizen tell you that the temple is closed today. So pitty! you wanted so much to visit this temple but … What a coincidence! Today its closed. Coincidentally the good samaritan is a tourist guide and offers you to go to another temple that is in the other part of the city. Don’t let him to scam you! Probably he is tourist guide or tuk-tuk driver and want to earn some money giving you a ride to another temple. Just get rid of him and go to the temple because for sure its…


Cuban jinetero friends

cuban jinetero friends

Cuban people is in general kind and used to treat well to the tourist. You can sit with them to talk for a long time because they are not in hurry. They use to share all that they have even if they don’t have so much. So if you go to Cuba you must socialize with locals. It’s a new experience for us to see the life from a local cuban. They don’t need so much to enjoy, just sitting somewhere and watching the people walking around is enough. But … sometimes you can face with cuban jinetero friends and get scammed. What is “jinetero” and what they want from me? Jinetero its Cuban word to define who want’s to get money from the tourists; Most part of scams in Cuba are made by them. The police is trying to control it. Nowadays some local people is sent to prison…


Airport official taxi scam

airport official taxi scam cuba

Usually the word “official” makes you think that you can trust it and that is the safest option. But in this case you should not trust them, but in this case, you should not trust because this is the airport official taxi scam. What does this scam consist of? Once you arrive to arrivals of Havana airport it’s easy to be scammed by a taxi driver. When we saw an information point and we decided to go there to ask about taxis…  With a big smile the girl of the information point said us that she has a friend that works in official taxi at the airport and he will drop us on our “Renta” (Private house that you can rent) This mistake cost us 30CUC to go to San Lázaro street … How to avoid taxi scam? If someone comes to you to offering taxi services just say “No gracias” with…


Cuban dual currency CUC and CUP

Cuban dual currency CUC and CUP

As you perhaps already know, in Cuba, they use the Cuban dual currency CUC and CUP. Both of them aren’t international traded. For tourist is confusing the fact to be used to two different currencies. Its easy get CUP mixed up with CUC and bad intentioned persons can take the advantage to cash you more for something. give you the money exchange back in CUP instad of CUC. Actually 1 CUC = 1$ = 27 CUP. With food its quite easy to do a mistake, for example one buger on Old Havana can cost 6CUP (0.25$ aprox.) but in Europe and USA a hamburger can cost 6$ so its easy to pay 6CUC by mistake. How to avoid Cuban dual currency CUC and CUP scam? Don’t be in hurry, take your time to get used to this two currencies. Ask to the owner of your “Renta” or Hotel to explain…


Original Cohiba seller on the streets

original cohiba seller

While you walk through Havana street it’s quite easy to find people offering you famous brand cigar boxes. Don’t buy cigars on the street is one of the most common scams in Cuba. Usually, they buy on streets for 1 peso Cubano (0.05$) and they put the original sticker and boxes. Usually, they invent that they know a friend who works in Cohiba factory and he picks and sells later so much cheaper. Some other scammers say that they have a cigar cooperative and they have really good prices. Sometimes these cigars are contaminated with pesticide, infected of bugs or mold being really dangerous for your health How to avoid fake cigars scam? It’s easy! Just don’t buy cigars on street or someone house. It doesn’t matter what they say or how good look the cigars, don’t buy. If you want original cigars to go to the official shop. How…


Gypsy woman with rosemary scam

gypsy woman with rosemary

The gypsy woman with rosemary scam its easy to find if you are traveling around Spain. They stay usually on touristic places like for example “El parque del Retiro” in Madrid, “La Alhambra” in Granada and other places. What does this scam consist of? Old Gypsy woman approach you with a rosemary plant and he try to put this rosemary in your hand later they release. Once you have the rosemary in your hand she ask for something. If you refuse to pay her or you try to give her back she will start to shout your on the middle of the street or sometimes they can also beat you. Sometimes instead of rosemary they use corn to feed the pigeons, be careful anyway. What to do if i see the gypsy woman with rosemary scam? Try to skip them, don’t talk with them and the most important, don’t put…


Football pickpocket scam

football pickpocket

Some people say that not all the people can be a pickpocket, that it’s like art, you should be born with it. They always try to invent new tricks and methods to rob your money and valuable things. As smarter and creative they are, more chance to be succed in this kind of robbery. Football pickpocket it’s just one more technique that they use to steal your stuff without you to know that they did. What does this football pickpocket scam consist of? In this scam, someone comes to you and ask if you know the football technique of Ronaldiño (Or another football player) While he is showing you how to do this trick he takes out your wallet or phone from your pocket. Later they just leave the place. The most important for them in this pickpocket trick its to be in contact with your body every time because like that…


Beach pickpocket

beach pickpocket scam

In the cities by the sea there is one special kind of pickpockets that like to rob on the beach. As you can guess, it calls “beach pickpockets”. They usually take advantage of the situation when people go swimming in the sea and they can’t pick their things with them. For the thiefs it’s the perfect moment to get closer to your stuff and steal. What does this beach pickpocket scam consist of? Usually there are two persons: one is watching on you and giving the signs to another one when its the perfect moment to steal something from you. Sometimes you can face with another situation. It can happen when you are resting on the beach. A couple passing by you and one of them starts to blaming on you like you where looking at his girfriend/her boyfriend (even if you where not looking at them) While one of…


Three shell game scam

three shell game scam

Three shell game scam its quite common in Spain, you can find easily this “trileros” on “Las Ramblas, Barcelona”, walkthrough near Benidorm beach or many streets of Madrid. Also common in London, some other European countries and USA always near by touristic streets. What does this scam consist of? Usually there are one or two guys are playing a game somewhere crowd of people. One of the guys put three containers(usually cups, nuts or shells) facing-down on the ground or table. One small ball is places is placed in one container and he start to move shuffling the position of the containers. Another player(accomplice) its invited to play and easily he win the double that he bet. When the people see that its quite easy to win they bet also but in the game, during the shuffling the skilled scammer hide the ball. When the victim open the container the…