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Cannibalism: german couple in french polynesia

cannibalism german couple on french polynesia

Stefan Ramin, 40 years old and  Helke Dorsch, 37 years old are a German couple who started a world trip by boat in 2008. On 30 of August of 2011 they arrive to Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Island of French Polinesia with them catamaran.

stefano and heike canibal murder
This picture was take just when they arrived to Marquesan Islands
stefan and heike murder cannibal
Stefan and  Helke posing somewhere abroad before the murder

They planned to stay in Marquesas islands for six weeks. Second day they sailed to Hakatea a bay of Nuku Hiva island. When they arrive they dropped the anchor and went throught a trail at the end of the beach. Fiveteen minuts later they found Hakaui, a small village or settlement with some colorfull houses.

In this settlement they met a 31-year-old man who introduced himself as Arihano Haiti. Next day they saw again Arihano on the village. Stefan ask Arihano to take him on a goat hunt what is traditional of the island. Stefan asks Arihano if he can take his gun but Arihano said that is not necessary.

Arihano cannibal maquesan
Arihano posing for a picture

Stefan and Arihano went together to the goat hunt.

Arround 6 p.m Heike heard Arihano calling her. He told her that Stefan had an accident on the forest and is injured.

Nuku hiva cannibal island
Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands

They went together trough the forest to find Stefan. After 19 minuts they arrive to the place that Arihano supposedly drop Stefan but he is not there.

Heike start to shout to Arihano asking how is it possible that he don’t remember and go alone through the forest shouting Stefan name. When she is walking alone in the forest, heike felt someone behind her. Is Arihano pointing her with a shootgun. He hit her on the head repeatedly and later raped her and let her attached with a rope to a tree.

After a while she scape from the rope and start to run through the forest, Arihano feel that and start to run behind her. Luckily Heike bleeding reach the beach and swim to the boat through the water crowd of sharks.

Two hours later, the policemans came and searched her husband and Arihano for all the night in the jungle.

On the next day they found a huge campfire, in the ashes they found human bones and they understood that is from Stefan.

After 7 weeks runing, Arihano voluntarily surrendered to police and was arrested.

On 16, May 2014 Arihano was sentenced to 28 years in prison for the homicide.

arihano tribunal
Arihano at tribunal, 16, May 2014


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