Burundanga black widow scam

burundanga black widow scam

burundanga black widow scamBurundanga black widow scam is one of most dangerous scams that you can face during a travel. “Burundanga” or scopolamine is not an urban legend, is a strong and powerful drug used in medicine to treat nausea and other conditions. Is stealth to ship and quite easy to find in internet.
This drug cause memory loss and other effects. Is commonly used in robberies, kidnappings and also for rapists because this drugs is fast eliminated by the body.

What is Burundanga black widow scam?

A beautiful woman will approach you and start to flirt with you in the bar. She will drink and talk to you and after that she will suggest to go to your hotel room.
Once in the hotel room, she will be waiting for a moment of carelessness. During this carelessness moment she will slip “burundanga” drug into your drink.
If you drink from the glass you will be paralysed within minutes of drink it.
From this moment, the scammer around two hours to steal your valuable things.
After you wake up, you will feel headache and a strong lack of memory.

burundanga black widow scam drink disco

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The black widow scam variants

There is also a variant of this scam that when you go to the hotel room, she leave the door open and send a phone message to her accomplice.
Suddenly, the accomplice break into the place and start to threat you. After that the girl leave the place making it look that she didn’t expect and she is scared and the accomplice steal all your valuable things.

How to avoid burundanga black widow scam?

Is not common that a girl will go to your room first time you meet her unless she want something from you. So don’t go with strangers to your hotel room.
If anyway you decide to go, don’t go to your hotel, book another one. Say her to leave her id on hotel reception and don’t take valuable things with you.
Observe closely your drink and don’t let her be so close of the drink if you’re not looking.

There is an episode of “Travel + Escape” also broadcasted by National Geographic that shows “The black widow scam”.

Bargirls, alcohol and party is not a good combination for your holidays, there is also another scam called beatiful bargirl scam, check it.

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