Beautiful bar girl scam

beautiful bargirl scam thailand

After write about Patpong pingpong show scam now its time for another scam also created for sexual tourist. This is Beautiful bar girl scam.

beautiful bar girl scam

What this Beautiful bar girl scam consist of?

Sitting in a bar alone to drink a cocktail in Thailand you are a easy target for bargirls. This girls look for the rich tourist to get to the last penny of them. As much drunk that the tourist is, much easy is to scam him.
This kind of girls sit with you to speak badly english with you and to drink. After a few shots and cups, sometimes they just leave the place arguing that she is going to the bathroom leaving the tourist with a huge bill.
Other times they go with you to your hotel to spend the night. Once the tourist reach the hotel room with her, she put some drug in tourist cocktail and wait till he fall asleep.
When the tourist wake up dizzy, the wallet, money, phone, valuable things and the girl dissapeared.

How to avoid this scam?

Don’t sit with someone that you don’t know, there are many good places to meet a girl but not in a nightclub.
In case that you want to go with her to the hotel…

  1. Better book a new hotel.
  2. Ask her to leave her id card on hotel reception.
  3. Put your valuable things in the safe box.

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