Beach pickpocket

beach pickpocket scam

In the cities by the sea there is one special kind of pickpockets that like to rob on the beach. As you can guess, it calls “beach pickpockets”. They usually take advantage of the situation when people go swimming in the sea and they can’t pick their things with them. For the thiefs it’s the perfect moment to get closer to your stuff and steal.

beach pickpocket Scams in Spain

What does this beach pickpocket scam consist of?

Usually there are two persons: one is watching on you and giving the signs to another one when its the perfect moment to steal something from you.

Sometimes you can face with another situation. It can happen when you are resting on the beach. A couple passing by you and one of them starts to blaming on you like you where looking at his girfriend/her boyfriend (even if you where not looking at them)

While one of them is yelling at you, another one takes advantage of this situation and steal the your wallet or your phone.

How to get rid of pickpockets?

Don’t take the valuable things with you when you go to the beach.

If you have to take them with, better to leave your things at some cafe or the restaurant nearby.

If you became the witness of some of this robbery, call the police and don’t try to stop them by yourself.

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