Airport official taxi scam

airport official taxi scam cuba

Usually the word “official” makes you think that you can trust it and that is the safest option. But in this case you should not trust them, but in this case, you should not trust because this is the airport official taxi scam.

cuban taxi scam

What does this scam consist of?

Once you arrive to arrivals of Havana airport it’s easy to be scammed by a taxi driver. When we saw an information point and we decided to go there to ask about taxis…  With a big smile the girl of the information point said us that she has a friend that works in official taxi at the airport and he will drop us on our “Renta” (Private house that you can rent)

This mistake cost us 30CUC to go to San Lázaro street …

How to avoid taxi scam?

havana airport taxi

If someone comes to you to offering taxi services just say “No gracias” with a big smile and go directly to the upper floor of the airport where its “Departures”.

A lot of taxis are dropping passengers on departures terminal, they will give you a good price to go to the city because anyway, they must come back.

With this method, you can found a taxi for 10 or 15CUC easily.

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