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WorldTravelScams wants to be the biggest database of scams worldwide. Our purpose is to help all travelers warning and reporting all kind of scams around the world.

Before to travel to a country, check the list of scams of this country to be ready to avoid them.



Discover Philippines: Five Compelling Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines at Least Once

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the ...
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Discover Macedonia without being scammed

Sometimes, vaults of natural beauty are to be found at the least suspecting places. Traveling over areas few people would ...
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Police corruption in south africa roads

Police corruption on south african roads

On the second day of our three week road trip in South Africa, we decided to travel to Kruger via ...
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Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

Christopher McCandless story of a backpacker

This is the story of Christopher McCandless a backpacker who traveled across North American and hitchhiked to Alaska in 90s ...
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Koh Tao ‘death island’: 7 tourist killed

Koh Tao or "turtle island" is a small island in Koh Samui archipelago, Thailand. Awesome white sand beaches, crystal clear ...
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cannibalism german couple on french polynesia

Cannibalism: german couple in french polynesia

Stefan Ramin, 40 years old and  Helke Dorsch, 37 years old are a German couple who started a world trip ...
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burundanga black widow scam

Burundanga black widow scam

Burundanga black widow scam is one of most dangerous scams that you can face during a travel. "Burundanga" or scopolamine ...
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fake cambodia border visa scam

Fake cambodia border visa scam

Thousands of tourists decide to cross the border between Thailand and Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat ruins in Siam reap ...
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Closed thailand temple scam

Closed Thailand temple scam

In Thailand, formerly Siam, there are than 33.902 active wats or temples. Everyday thousands of tourists gets mixed up with ...
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