Discover Macedonia without being scammed

Sometimes, vaults of natural beauty are to be found at the least suspecting places. Traveling over areas few people would genuinely consider, opens up a plethora of discoveries. If you ever wanted to enjoy spectacular nature scenery aplenty, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate on the cheap, visiting some of the Balkan countries is a valid idea. Its territory is covered with magnificent mountain formations, descending steeply into lush and picturesque valleys. Several countries sit on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, and therefore offer some of the most spectacular coastal towns you’ll ever come to appreciate. But the Balkans, as any other underdeveloped territory, provides a series of difficulties as well. Most of the countries constitute what was once the mighty federation of Yugoslavia. With diplomatic relations heavily shaken by the post Yugoslavian wars, they’ve come a long way to rebuild their nation states, now autonomous and independent countries. If…


Top five treks in Nepal

top five treks in nepal

The terrain of the Nepalese Himalayas offers various stunning trekking courses. It is fairly uncalled for to name only one trek in Nepal as the best. Truth be told, the view of “the best” is in reality exceptionally subjective and relies upon individual to individual. The best treks in Nepal for the one can be found by looking at the one’s inclinations over the highlights offered by the trekking. The best trek for one can rely upon his/her decision of trouble, number of days for trekking, spending plan and trek style, and so on. Here we have recorded down the ten best treks in Nepal in light of prevalence, view, culture, and cost. Everest Base Camp Trek Trek to Everest Base camp is One of the best Trekking bundles on the planet. It is an essential trek to Everest Region including Kalapatthar climbing (5545m) and review of four of the…


Police corruption on south african roads

Police corruption in south africa roads

On the second day of our three week road trip in South Africa, we decided to travel to Kruger via the Panorama Route which is in the greater Kruger area. It is a quiet area as we travelled between God’s Window and the Bourke’s Luck Potholes, when suddenly we see a man in uniform jump out onto the road with a handmade cardboard sign saying ‘Stop’. My first reaction is that we are getting car jacked, but my calm husband stops as there really isn’t option other than to run the man over. Amongst my initial panic I also notice a ‘proper’ police car parked in the bushes on the side of the road so I am thinking it probably isn’t going to unfold as badly as I’m expecting. The officer walks up to the driver side and says to my husband “why are you going so fast suh?” “I…


Burundanga black widow scam

burundanga black widow scam

Burundanga black widow scam is one of most dangerous scams that you can face during a travel. “Burundanga” or scopolamine is not an urban legend, is a strong and powerful drug used in medicine to treat nausea and other conditions. Is stealth to ship and quite easy to find in internet. This drug cause memory loss and other effects. Is commonly used in robberies, kidnappings and also for rapists because this drugs is fast eliminated by the body. What is Burundanga black widow scam? A beautiful woman will approach you and start to flirt with you in the bar. She will drink and talk to you and after that she will suggest to go to your hotel room. Once in the hotel room, she will be waiting for a moment of carelessness. During this carelessness moment she will slip “burundanga” drug into your drink. If you drink from the glass…

United states

Hip hop music artist scam


Hip hop was created on 70s at New York city, particularly in the Bronx during Block parties. In Block parties a single community was congregated in the street to play music and dance.The gold age of hip hop happened between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s, Ice-t, Juice crew or Ice Cube are just a few examples of artists of the gold era of hip hop. If you are interested into this topic check the film Straight outta compton (2015). This film tell the story of how the group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton, Los Angeles in California. Some scammers take advantage of the hip hop passionated tourists to do the hip hop music artist scam. What does this hip hop music artist scam consist of? This scam is common in New York, San Francisco and Las vegas at touristic streets. On guy wearing hip hop style…


Unlicensed temple tours

To hire a good tour guide is what makes the difference between a mediocre experience and a unforgettable travel. Some people prefers to check by themselves the information in google and later go to the main tourist attractions. Some other people commit the mistake to look so much at their budget and try to find some really cheap guide. Our personal recommendation is to choose a good travel guide to know about every inch of the new territory. You can check some reviews about guides in TripAdvisor or traveller forums to make your travel experience outstanding. The unlicensed temple tour scam Many “tour guides” giving unlicensed temple tours wait outside of main attractions like Angkor Wat (Siam Reap, Cambodia), Goa Gajah in Bali, Wat Pho in Thailand or Badrinath Temple in India. Like by chance they start to walk close to you and start a conversation. Usually the fake tour…


Beautiful bar girl scam

beautiful bargirl scam thailand

After write about Patpong pingpong show scam now its time for another scam also created for sexual tourist. This is Beautiful bar girl scam. What this Beautiful bar girl scam consist of? Sitting in a bar alone to drink a cocktail in Thailand you are a easy target for bargirls. This girls look for the rich tourist to get to the last penny of them. As much drunk that the tourist is, much easy is to scam him. This kind of girls sit with you to speak badly english with you and to drink. After a few shots and cups, sometimes they just leave the place arguing that she is going to the bathroom leaving the tourist with a huge bill. Other times they go with you to your hotel to spend the night. Once the tourist reach the hotel room with her, she put some drug in tourist cocktail…


Patpong pingpong show scam

patpong pingpong show scam

Thailand has become known as a sex tourism destination. In July of 2016 Thai government wanted to abolish sex industry in Thailand. Ping pong shows, relaxing massages with happy ending and nightclubs get huge profits of this kind of sexual tourists. Drunk tourist are targeted by fraudster who do scams like Patpong pingpong show scam. What Patpong Pingpong show scam consists of? Walking through to Patpong street market is easy to face with guys offering ping pong show spectacles for 100 Bath per drink and no overcharged. Patpong pingpong show scam consist of a girl throwing a pingpong ball from her vagina. They also offer another services like massage and spa with happy ending and even complete services. After the show, when the tourist wants to leave the place and ask for the bill they get a big surprise. The staff charge about 300 Baths for the 100 Baths drinks,…


Fake cambodia border visa scam

fake cambodia border visa scam

Thousands of tourists decide to cross the border between Thailand and Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat ruins in Siam reap every day. Many of them fall into fake cambodia border visa scam trap. In this article we gonna show you how to skip this scam and save money. The easy way it to cross through Aranyaprathet but you cannot cross with taxi. So you will have to pick two taxis, one from Bangkok to the border that will cost you about 2.000-3000 Baths ($60-70 USD approx.) and another one from Poiper to Siam Rea that cost from 35 to 55$. Get more information about taxis in this post about Thailand taxis who want’s to charge you an extra for the taxi ride. Here you can find latest news of Cambodia country. How Cambodia visa scam works? After a few hours in a taxi, you will arrive to Aranyaprathet the closest city…


Taximeter scam in Thailand


To travel around Thailand there are many options. Trains, vans and airplanes are best option to do long distance travels. For the short distance the best option is to pick taxi, Skytrain (BTS) or subway (MRT). The problem is that BTS and MRT don’t cover all areas in the city of Bangkok. That’s why many tourists prefer taxi, here we gonna explain how taximeter scam works. Taxi flagfall rate is about 35Baths (about 0.85$). Flagfall includes next 2km, after that each kilometers cost 5Baths. On traffic jams you pay a surcharge of 1,25 Bats every meter, so the cheapest moment of the day to pick a taxi is at night that there is not traffic jams. How taximeter scam works? Usually taxi drivers wait for the customers in touristic places. Hua Lamphong train station, MBK Shopping Mall, Real Palace surroundings or Aranyaprathet border with Cambodia are just a few examples….